Low Cost TV-Style Product Videos Boost Sales for Large Online Retailer

ChannelPlan is a unique service developed to bridge the gap between the customer-building potential of web video delivery platforms such as YouTube, and the limitations of shrinking advertising and marketing budgets.

The latest client to benefit from a ChannelPlan production service is major online DJ equipment retailer, ElectroMarket.co.uk.

Electromarket turnover a huge amount of products every day, but still remain aware of the importance of building upon their customer base through YouTube. The company sees its dedicated YouTube channel, which has been established for several years, as a chance to push in-demand products, new products, or even slow-selling items requiring a boost of renewed interest.  Previously though, the company have produced their own in-house videos and also promoted manufacturer-supplied videos on their YouTube channel. Recently, owners decided that a fresh approach was needed.  ChannelPlan videos will bring consistent quality levels and more frequent updates, giving ElectroMarket channel subscribers a good reason to check back regularly, and good reason to believe that the company is the best place to buy the product they require.

The problem for large companies producing their videos in-house is that staff are usually spreading their time too thinly, torn between the day-to-day running of the company and the additional demands of media production – the end result: Something has to give. Usually, it is the quality and quantity of videos that suffers. This in turn, can be damaging. For successful companies, poor media production values send the wrong messages to existing customers and potential clients.

ChannelPlan Basic – the entry-level package, provides minute-long broadcast standard product videos in highly affordable packs of three. Uniquely, these videos contain all of the elements you would expect to see in a full broadcast production: Presenters reading from professionally-written scripts, subtle lighting design, high quality sound, stylized product shots, appropriate background music, informative on-screen text and slick visual effects introduction stings and end sequences.