Thrilling High-Flying Design!

A fun design commission for The Wing Walk Company in Kent, this project included concept design, copy writing, aviation photography and custom design work from scratch.

As a part-time member of the Wing Walk Company crew, I sometimes work as Pilot’s Assistant during summer seasons. It’s an amazing privilege to be a part of such a professional team working in such an exclusive field. From a production perspective, it allows me access to some unusual environments providing perfect opportunities for photographing the vintage Stearman biplane and the delighted wing-walkers taking the plunge – quite literally!

Design-wise, I set out to capture the true spirit of the Wing Walk Company – action, fun, colour, thrills and endless blue skies! It was great to be given full editorial control over this marketing campaign. The finished work was published in local press and also a large print run of 4-page DL leaflets.

“I think the leaflet is absolutely brilliant – bright, fun, captures the audience attention straight away.”

Maeve Pickin, The Wing Walk Company

“Thank you for your advert I know how tight the time was.  I have to say the advert looks amazing.”

Sara Henslow, Wealden Times