Web Videos: Tips for Presenting

Earlier this week I had the privilege of being asked to the House of Colour annual conference as guest speaker.

My brief for the day was to speak for 90-minutes about the value of website videos and more specifically, how to improve your on-camera performance techniques.

As I began preparing my content, I soon realised the shear depth and scale of this topic and just how much I have learned over the years.  This, combined with my propensity to generally waffle-on, actually meant I would have found it easier to deliver a whole day’s worth of content rather than a cram-packed ninety minutes.

Following the session, we had an incredible uptake of people wanting their own web videos.  If you’re one of the many who are now anticipating our group shoot date in December, here’s a summary of ten useful tips from my presentation:

  1. Anticipate the visual style and tone of your finished video and adapt your content accordingly
  2. Be ruthless when editing your script.  Re-write it several times until it’s lean and mean!
  3. Use concise, emotive phrasing rather than dull, vague language
  4. Practice your tone and timing
  5. Connect with the lens, as if you have direct eye contact with a person you know
  6. Speak clearly and confidently
  7. Practice good body language and don’t fidget!
  8. Learn and understand the nature of your content thoroughly.  This will allow you to rely less on your script, and deliver lines more naturally
  9. Keep the panic inside!
  10. Preparation is the key