Bite-Size Flying Lessons for YouTube

YouTube is changing the way we consume media. Vast audiences are now more often than not, choosing to access short, specific video content through free on-demand services like YouTube, rather than sitting in front of their TVs.

ChannelPlan is the name given to a new service designed to provide everything you need to produce a low cost TV-quality YouTube channel for your brand, product or service.

OMFS-Google-Plus-Icon-1_3smallwebThis month my latest ChannelPlan project, ‘One Minute Flight School’ arrives on YouTube. The new channel has been designed for student pilots and sport aviation flyers, to provide useful bite-sized tips encouraging responsible practice and structured learning. Programmes feature expert advice presented by flight instructor and examiner, Deepak Mahajan of London Airsports Centre, a flight school which has been operating for over 20 years.

One Minute Flight School has been produced as part of the ‘ChannelPlan Basic’ service. This low cost, no obligation service provides three short broadcast-quality videos produced in a single half-day shoot. The videos also receive customised music, graphics, branding, a dedicated YouTube channel, a Google Plus page and search engine optimisation to ensure that content is highly visible in Youtube and Google searches.

YouTube generates a perpetual stream of traffic by redirecting its users to related content, featured playlists, trending themes and more. In simple terms, it works hard to provide exactly what each specific viewer wants to view at any given time. This means that when you post a video to your own channel, it will potentially appear in tailored recomendations all over the world.

OMFS-Wear-and-Tear_sOf course, there is more to building an audience than simply uploading to YouTube. Quality brands and products require high quality production values to represent them. ChannelPlan Basic videos are shot in high definition on cinema grade cameras. Sound is recorded using broadcast techniques and equipment, and so too is the lighting. Eyecatching channel branding is achieved by creating a unique visual effects sequence, logo graphics and channel banners.  The branding helps to send. the right signals to your audience from the outset, implying they are not about to watch a run-of-the-mill YouTube production, but a professionally designed and produced video.

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