Web Channels Simplifying Targeted Media

MMP-TV and other website-based TV channels have recently been created as part of my new ChannelPlan range of services.  ChannelPlan is an affordable YouTube video and Web TV production service for companies and individuals looking to produce regular broadcast-quality media.

The service is available in two forms: ChannelPlan TV and ChannelPlan Basic. The no-obligation ‘basic’ service provides inexpensive high-end YouTube channel production.  The ‘TV’ plan adds seriously powerful bolt-on multimedia production functions and a dedicated website.

Packages combine a range of creative services, ultimately enabling clients to deliver video, news and multimedia to their target audience. Customisable options make it possible to produce either scratch-built websites or social media channels distributing broadcast quality content.

ChannelPlan is a flexible, versatile service with low-cost options to suit everyone from aspiring internet sensations and web entrepreneurs, to companies and organisations requiring robust low maintenance media solutions.

Our latest ChannelPlan project is MMPTV, a new media delivery platform designed, built and maintained by Paul Carpenter Films on behalf of Southend Mencap and the Music Man Project.  It serves to promote the ongoing progress of a special full time music education provision for the learning disabled.

MMPTV is an exclusive web tv channel at the heart of the client’s new website.  Unique monthly video, photographic and design content  is produced and uploaded to a custom-made website also designed by us, to meet the specific needs of the MMP customer base – most of whom are affected by learning disability issues.

The site re-build incorporated all creative elements including navigation and format design, graphics, logo and multimedia sting design, photography and of course, video production.  Programmes produced so far include documentaries, interviews, montages and promotional trailers like the one shown below, made for “Music is Magic” at the London Palladium.  This trailer features a number of custom-made multimedia design elements including studio photography, graphics and scratch-built special effects, all of which were produced as part of the client’s on-going ChannelPlan TV service.

As a responsive web design, the new MMPTV website has been developed to latest web standards to ensure good compatibility across the most popular devices used for surfing the web.  Furthermore, its unique video content is delivered through a high-compatibility media container, rather than older Flash based solutions which are now becoming outdated as more people switch to popular iOS based devices.  Technical considerations like this are as important as the media production itself, in terms of providing a satisfying end user experience.

As with all ChannelPlan solutions, the MMPTV monthly management package was put together at the client’s request, with maximum convenience in mind.  ChannelPlan reduces the significant burden of hiring multiple contractors to work towards a single end goal, providing an incredibly economical solution to the challenge of producing regularly updated content.

Following the initial site build and hosting set up, which was all taken care of as part of the agreement, the client is free to guide their monthly content creation. The process is as simple as deciding upon the type of media updates they require within any given month’s allowance.  They have a flexible solution capable of delivering a well-balanced mix of new web TV content, photography, audio and fresh promotional graphic design elements.

In addition to the multimedia elements, new blog content is also added as needed, alongside managed social media feeds.  This is a useful addition to the ChannelPlan TV service, helping to keep things up-to-date and providing customers with a strong incentive to re-visit regularly.


“Oh how I wish the other people we deal with are as efficient and professional as you Paul! I am very thankful for the speed and professionalism of your work.  The pictures and video content are first class but I would expect nothing less from you!  However what I am most pleased about is the structure of the site and its future proof functionality.  I am incredibly excited about how MMPTV will develop and really pleased that you have taken the responsibility for ensuring the text and general content is up to date.”

David Stanley, Founder, The Music Man Project

“It’s a joy to work with someone who does things not just in a timely manner, but with great effect and dedication in providing the society and our students with what everyone needs.”

Marc McOwens, General Manager, Southend Mencap