TLS Film Release Celebrates Progress for Thurrock Disabled

Sequence 01.Still085October marks the official release of my new community film “Driven by Difference”, a 22-minute promotional documentary drawing attention to the impressive achievements of a group of disabled people in Thurrock, Essex.

Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions is a highly successful community interest company run by and for disabled people.  It’s board of directors are an assembly of highly impressive individuals, each with a learning difference or physical disability of some kind.  Together, they form a formidable partnership, driving a range of initiatives they have devised in order to meet the individual needs of their ‘customers’ – that is to say, all other disabled people within the community.

Regular services organised by TLS include a specialist nightclub and other social events, music tuition services, a wide range of sporting activities, self-help programmes, health and safety advice, employment opportunities and independent living assistance.Sequence 01.Still006

The film itself is a celebration of the progress made so far, and aims to deliver a positive message to other disabled people including those yet to benefit from services offered.

Hosted by Anne White, a key Director of the company and ‘expert by experience’, the film introduces TLS protagonists including company CEO, Neil Woodbridge.  Neil is interviewed alongside his appointed company Directors, within a virtual studio environment, also showcasing footage from TLS events and activities.

Each of our ‘experts by experience’ provide their own interesting accounts of living with disability, as well as their personal thoughts concerning overarching issues currently affecting the disabled community.

Sequence 01.Still088The scale of achievement is twofold; not only do we get to see the impressive things TLS staff are organising on behalf of others in need of help, but these events are eloquently and thoughtfully described by a group of people who are very clearly never shy of meeting a tough challenge head-on.  Inspiring stuff.

 “Driven by Difference” will be freely available to view on the web later this year, following its first public screening event (tba).  Please check back regularly for more details or visit the TLS website at


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Paul Carpenter
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